2 min readJan 9, 2022

The Holy Grail of Hair Dyes!!

Ohai minions, a very rare word-y thing from me as the internet’s a bit horrible nowadays, isn’t it?

Thought I’d share something that isn’t gaming related for a change. So, I finally got my hands on (and covered in!) the HOLY GRAIL of hair dyes a few weeks ago… Good Dye Young! (And I haven’t shut up about it since. Been stupidly excited!)

GDY is Hayley Williams’ (aka favourite singing human of Paramore), along with her BFF/stylist Brian O’ Connor’s hair dye brand, and we can finally get it over here (via Beauty Bay) and OMG IT SMELLS AMAZING! (Obviously, I went for “Riot”!) 😍

Over the last (almost) eight years, I’ve gone from from basically all the brands (Crazy Colour, Bleach London, Directions, Arctic Fox etc) but I think GDY wins for being the one that not only smells amazing, being super pigmented (always important!), mixes different colours well (orangey red!), and keeps your hair soft too! PLUS, LOOK AT THAT PACKAGING!!

While £15 might be a bit steep for a bottle, you do get a hefty amount in the ol’ squeezy bottles (roughly 150ml) and I think it does go on sale (around £10.50) on BB occasionally. Already bought a second lot (and also I’m Bored, their temp hair colour – just because red!) over humbug!

Not going to lie, the bathroom smells of it (like fruity, citrus-y stuff?) and I didn’t accidentally knock the bowl over onto the floor for once, so the carpet lives on for another day (hooray!!) and I guess that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?

Always making sure the bathroom doesn’t look like a crime scene, which Sherlock would happily approve of, so you don’t get your head kicked in the Grumpy Ol’ Human you live with! CONSIDER THAT A VICTORY!!

I stream weekly on Twitch most Tuesdays and Thursday evenings (from around 8:45pm GMT), we’re currently playing through the original Saints Row and it’d be fun to have you there!


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